Under the heading of needless nonsense and felonious flum-dumb, I just began the long process of getting FOXBAT 1 ready for the upcoming racing season. I have mentioned the FOXBAT in several of my books and figured that perhaps several of you were curious about it. Well, it’s a heavily modified 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that Sweet Sue and I track together on road racing courses throughout Colorado. Places like High Plains out east in Byers, Pueblo Motorsports Park down south in Pueblo, and Pike’s Peak International Raceway in Fountain.

What needs fixin’/checkin’ is the usual stuff: all the vital fluids, tires, brakes, put a wrench on all the suspension bits, and continue with my aero-experimentation. People have hobbies and this is mine–other than golf. The only difference is that Sweet Sue and I swap whose driving and whose the pit crew. It’s all good fun and a blast. When “racing season” nears, I will post when and where and perhaps we can meet up. If you are so inclined, you can sit in the passenger’s seat for a couple of laps and feel the wind in your face!

Best always…   

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