Hello again! It’s been some while and much has transpired.

Foxbat1 has now a new home in a sunny clime. Parting after sixteen years of ownership had its moments. How-some-ever, Foxbat1 has been reincarnated, and now sits proudly in the newly floored garage.

But enough about gear-headed stuff, I’ve been writing.

The Gateway of the Netherworld is underway. I figure to have it available at the usual places before July of this year (2018). It’s another yarn about paranormal archaeology and I have done something unexpected. J.J. Stone, hero of The Adventures of J.J. Stone trilogy, makes his appearance alongside Egyptologist Erik Reissen. How these two play together is still underway, but the storyline is fast-paced and interesting. That’s all I’ll reveal at the moment.

Best to all and Happy Passover and Easter!

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