Review by John Manhold – Historical Novel Society (2013). “The historical parts of Cherf’s book centre on the Egypt of the Pharaohs, however much of the plot is interwoven with the present and even the future. The subjects range widely from ranger survival training to use of cephalometry, genetics, radiology and carbon dating, DNA analysis, psychology, and anthropology, along with time travel, extraterrestrials, and space ships. The main plot involves the efforts of an international team of scientists to nullify a genetic anomaly introduced into ancient Egyptian society by aliens.

The story’s presentation is so well-handled that even somehow the author’s fictional inventions sound plausible. This is the first book in a projected trilogy, and in this reader’s opinion it’s definitely not to be missed.”

Review by J.H. – Brainfood Book Store (2013).  “At long last, a novel has finally been released to quench the thirst of the captivation that is the mystery of Egypt. Yet, this is so much more than just a “novel”. “Bow Tie” takes the reader right into the heart of ancient Egypt, right into the very mind and culture, as if one were literally walking the streets of Thebes. So awash with historical fact, W.J. Cherf finds the perfect blend of education and entertainment. A new genre must be made just to classify his work. One will not regret picking up this work of “Historical-Science-Fiction”.

The first book in a series of three, the reader meets Joey Richards, a young football player with vast knowledge on the long dead language of ancient Egypt. Richards is a charismatic protagonist that will keep you turning pages as you journey alongside him throughout his training, struggles, and eventual integration with Egyptian society. Traveling through time is no easy task after all, the mechanics of which will leave the reader questioning whether or not time travel is going on today.

Within the DNA of long dead Egyptian royalty is found an anomaly know as a Bow Tie. Such a thing can only be created through laboratory-type tampering. The source of this tampering, extraterrestrial. There is in fact, more to ancient Egypt than meets the eye. Now it is up to Richards to go back and find out firsthand about life from beyond the stars.

Chock-full of suspense, historical fact, scientific intrigue, and the possibility of alien life “Bow Tie” is not one to miss. A real page turner that will leave the reader wanting more. And they’re in luck; for this is only the beginning.”