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Dark Blade

A black obsidian knife, fashioned only for human prey

Upon the "election" of their new vampiric leader, she called for the re-establishment of the Consilium magorum et sagarum— "The Council of Magicians and Witches," as the supreme power of the paranormal world. That desire meant open aggression against anyone or thing that stood in her way.

Countering this menace to the rational and paranormal worlds, J.J. Stone, the Lictor of Magic of The International Integrated Interface Society, and Egyptologist Erik Reissen, a member of the Vatican's Holy See, again join forces to take on this threat.

Meanwhile, philologist and telekinetic adept, Peter Glass, discovers a much older version of The Knot of Eternity—the seminal creation story upon which the paranormal world depends. In so doing, Glass uncovers new, unredacted passages, which reveal CMES' secret recruitment source of gruesome entities.

242 pages
Print length
November 4, 2021
Publication date