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Hallowed Promises

With magic there are always unintended consequences...

...Only a high-adept can minimize them, but even then mistakes are still honestly made.

Hallowed Promises is about such unintended consequences, about mistakes made, and the lengths that people will go to in order to right their wrongs.

Pride, ego, peer pressure, and disrespect for long-standing traditions can all play a role on the dramatic paranormal stage, just as the rigid adherence to the status quo stifles natural creativity and innovation.

Hallowed Promises is the fourth stand-alone book in W.J. Cherf's series entitled, Adventures in Paranormal Archaeology. It is a thoughtful tale of archaeological discovery, coven espionage, high-diplomacy, and lost love. Once again the Austrian Egyptologist Erik Reissen plays his part, as does the beautiful Egyptian witch Melaina Makris and her husband J.J. Stone, the  Lictor of Magic and carrier of the First Soul of Creation. As always, the forces of CMES lurk about to muddy the waters, but this time one of their brethren contributes to a potentially positive outcome for the future.

327 pages
Print length
March 28, 2019
Publication date
Foxbat Publishing