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I Am Jonathan

A merc's career can be boom or bust. The former is preferred.

In a twenty-fourth century world where global government is a fact, lunar mining a reality, and alien contact a commonplace, brokered certified mercenaries filled the societal role of "extraordinary facilitators."

Be the situation extra-legal, corporate espionage, enforcement, or off-world shenanigans, qualified mercs are available for hire. Have a problem? Just contact a merc broker, explain your situation, pick from a list of candidates by expertise and price, and pay from your account number. What could be easier?

Mr. Jonathan, a gifted, experienced, and highly successful mercenary has a murky past. His latest contract, however, gives him a glimpse into that clouded background.

But as contracts go, this last one went way too well, paid too much, and left the professional suspicious and wanting to know more. That is where Mr. Jonathan's adventure began, by asking too many questions, and finding out too many answers.

This volume is the first of a new sci-fi fiction series. For those not familiar with my others, peek inside and fmd others that include time travel, paranormal archaeology, and age-old rivalries between occult societies.

202 pages
Print length
December 12, 2021
Publication date