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“Best Book in the Category of Science Fiction”

During the early 1990s, an Austrian Egyptologist found a hidden doorway beneath the Step Pyramid Complex at Sakkara. Little did he realize that he had discovered not only one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of Egyptology, but also an alien artifact that was meant to be shared with all mankind. And Egyptologist and temporal field agent Joseph Richards knows who gave it to us.

Then, in 2010, an Iranian agent catches wind of a conversation at an international congress that led him to conclude that the two Great Satans, the Americans and Russians, have traveled back in history -- many times. As a consequence, the Iranians, wishing to mold the course of Western History for Islam's benefit, stole from Horizon Pass the plans of their temporal device -- the Soap Bubble.

With their own temporal device operational, the Iranians send an assassination team back to the eighth century to alter a macro-historical event. Learning of this, Horizon Pass sends back their own team of Gregorieva and Richards to foil the attempt.

360 pages
Print length
June 21, 2013
Publication date