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Netherworld's Gate

Near-Earth asteroids & plotting witches

In antiquity, a near-Earth asteroid's flyby rippled our planet's landscape, roiled its seas, and changed the course of rivers. A portent foretold this event, which would rend the Earth and release the dark denizens of the Netherworld. So the ancients built in the Egyptian Western Desert a gate to seal off their escape.

4,500 years later, the asteroid returned. Hogtied world agencies, tripping over minutia, allowed an agile corporation to save the day. But a fragment still remained a threat.

Enter the demon master of the Netherworld, the Devourer of Souls, who beguiles three witches into destroying the Netherworld's Gate. To prevent this, the paranormal Egyptologist, Erik Reissen, and the THIS Lictor of Magic, J.J. Stone, join forces.

Netherworld's Gate—a blend of archaeology, contemporary urban fantasy, and science fiction—is the second volume of the series, Adventures in Paranormal Archaeology. If you missed its first volume, The Magician's Tomb, buy it today!

311 pages
Print length
July 15, 2018
Publication date