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On July 15, 1359 BC a distress call was transmitted into deep space...

On Christmas Eve AD 321, relatively speaking, the distress call was received and a salvage crew dispatched...

On March 24, 1965 an anomaly was first detected by the Ranger IX spacecraft and was subsequently confirmed by the Orbiter I and III platforms...

On November 11, 1969 the anomaly was recovered by NASA's Apollo XII crew...

On May 13, 1994 a new asteroid, a NEA -- a near-Earth asteroid, was first detected inbound from deep space...

The word recovery is indeed one pregnant with meaning and in the final analysis one must ask: who truly is recovering what?

Recovery continues the temporal adventures of Egyptologist Joseph Richards. This is the second manuscript published by the Richards' Trust.

479 pages
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April 9, 2020
Publication date