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The Magician's Tomb

An Egyptian stumbled across it. It took an archaeologist to free it.

This archaeological adventure story is about Professor Dr. Erik Reissen, Egyptologist, whose team excavated the tomb of a mythological magician named Djedi. Son of Imhotep the famous architect and Neferka the sorceress, Djedi is known through only one papyrus—that is until now.

The tomb's contents, of great cultural value, are coveted by an evil adept named al-Razzuli, who must possess them at any cost. Lucky beyond imagination because of the greed of an archaeological official, al-Razzuli acquires one artifact and with it threatens to change the paranormal landscape. But upon learning of the vast cache of magical papyri later discovered, he must now have them all.

Opposing al-Razzuli are the members of his Caireen enclave of Hidden Folk, and the agents of a shadowy paranormal Vatican organization. Standing in the middle is Reissen, who just wants to publish the site. But these opposing forces drag him into a confrontation that changes his life forever.

331 pages
Print length
January 18, 2018
Publication date